SubRegional Training en Países Bajos

netherCuándo: 2 de novembre (miércoles) al 6 de noviembre (domingo) 2016
Dónde: Scheveningen, Países Bajos
Cuánto: 155€ de early y 185€ de late. Evento FARIable
Deadline 15 de julio para la early fee y 4 de septiembre para la late
Cómo: en su página web
Quién: se centrará mucho en el ámbito local por lo que todos los cargos locales estáis invitados a participar

Aquí podéis encontrar el Invitation Package.


Toda la info:

We are very excited to announce the registration for the IFMSA-NL Sub-Regional Training is now opened! We hope you will be able to join our event so you will have the opportunity to develop your opinion and find your voice on what global health is and what your contribution to global health can be.

Who can apply

We would like to invite all local members who are ready to challenge themselves and are highly motivated to gain new knowledge and skills. So please be sure to inform your local members about the event, spread the message to your local presidents and let everyone know about this opportunity!

The workshops
We aim to prepare high quality workshop that will enable you to follow-up on the topic you learned about. By linking the workshops to specific topics, we offer you an insight on topics we as Dutch have a expertise in. The following workshop will be available:
Professional and Research Exchange Training on the Social Determinants of Health
Human Resources for Health
Public Health Leadership Training on three topics:
Primary healthcare
Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial resistance
Drugs policy
Medical Ethics and Human Rights
External Representation

Social program
Our event will take place in the beach town of Scheveningen, near the Dutch political capital The Hague and not too far from the country’s capital Amsterdam. This means that there will be enough to do and see beside the workshops! We offer a social programme that is accessible for all participants, whether you are a party animal or more of a culture history lover. And of course, we want to give you a taste of many cultural aspects of the Netherlands!

Invitation package
Please find our invitation package here.

NB: As you can read in the invitation package, our SRT is mainly focussing on new local officers and the aim is to increase the capacity and enthusiasm of your local members and the initiatives they lead. Please send this call to your local president and local officers in order for them to forward it to other members.

We hope to see you soon in the Netherlands! Don’t hesitate to contact us through if you have any questions.