URGENT appeal for assistance for the Philippines

Desde IFMSA-Quebec nos pide compartir esta iniciativa para una colecta por el tifón en Filipinas

URGENT appeal for assistance for the Philippines

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8th November 2013 the Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Second-deadliest typhoon on record. Killed over 4 000 mothers, fathers, grandparents and kids. Our national member organisation AMSA-Philippines was overwhelmed, confronted by loss and abject people. A call for help reached our federation.

We the IFMSA-Quebec have initiated a collection within IFMSA directed to help the millions of victims of the typhon Haiyan/Yolanda. Now more than ever, medical physicians should be ready to respond and help in disasters, whenever and wherever it happens. The privileges of being a health professional come with responsibilities to society (1). Every contribution counts.

We ask you as a humanitarian and future doctor to spread this call for humanity, this appeal of helping people suffering.  The donations will unshorten assist AMSA-Philippines work to maintain best possible mental and physical health among the victims of Haiyan.

We would be truly thankful if you could help us by doing following three things:

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“As medical students committed to sharing your knowledge and skills internationally,
you are a powerful source of hope for the future.
I commend your determination to use your medical training to benefit all members of society. ”

[Kofi Annan as UN Secretary General – Message to IFMSA]

Donation site

Blog post.

In solidarity we stand,

/The IFMSA-Quebec SCORP Team  I SWG on Disaster Management

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